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Vacancy and tenant transitions directly affect our bottom line. Here at Attard Property Management, we identify quality tenants and develop a cooperative relationship. Knowing that we care for the property tends to foster greater care by our tenants. One of our objectives is to maintain long-term relationships with our tenants. As long as you, the owner, wish to rent your property, we wish for our tenant to remain and care for it. Life's circumstances do occasionally necessitate locale changes. Our personal approach to property management fosters an amicable transition. For a tenant to allow showings prior to departure is special and reduces transition downtimes.

Expenses on Income Property

Home maintenance may be generally categorized by like to do, need to do, and must do. Our initial evaluation identifies these items (particularly helpful for remote owners) and makes correction recommendations. Of particular concern are plumbing issues which, if left unnoticed, lead to costly emergencies. You, the owner, reserve the right to choose the contractor of your choice. Attard Property Management has assembled a team of contractors covering the spectrum of household repairs. Our contractors provide quality service at competitive rates. Attard Property Management is about relationships. Our contractors are part of the team.

Improvements and Rehabilitation  

Should you decide to enhance your investment, Attard Property Management can facilitate assisting with contractor selection and project coordination.

Property Management Personal/Professional Service

As a family owned and operated property management company, we are keenly aware that our years of success are due to professional, attentive service. We are available on an emergency basis, 24-hours a day. We strive to avoid emergencies by identification of a problem before it becomes one. By providing tenants with basic knowledge of the properties they are leasing, and encouraging necessary communication, little problems do not become big problems.

Financial and Accounting

Principal owner of Attard Property Management (Yvonne Attard) earned a Bachelors degree in Accounting with honors, and a Masters degree in Taxation. Yvonne has an extensive accounting and tax background. You can expect impeccable records of expenses and income in addition to year end 1099 taxation documentation.

Laws and Regulations in Real Estate

By constantly monitoring today's fast-paced real estate identity, we are able to stay abreast of changing laws and regulations governing property management. This provides protection to our owners and quality service to our residents/tenants. Our membership affiliation and participation in industry associations keep us up-to-date and prepared for changes that affect the multi-family communities that we manage.

Market Assessments

We conduct periodical assessments of the market to determine any necessary change in rental price, in the best interest of our owners.

Leasing...finding the right tenants

Finding the right tenants for your property is one of the most important aspects of our job at Attard Property Management. A good tenant will pay rent on time, ensure that your property is taken care of, notifying us of any issues that may arise before they get out of hand, and cooperate with us when repairs and upgrades are needed. In order to find the perfect candidate(s) for your home, our application process requires that prospective tenants complete rental applications as well as allow us to conduct credit, criminal history, and background checks. Reference checks are also done to round out a thorough assessment of whether or not applicants will be the right fit for our owners properties.

Attard Property Management services include:

• Schedule appointments with prospective tenants
• Meet with prospective tenants
• Review rental applications
• Credit check on each occupant over age 18 (which provides list of any prior evictions)
• Check references with phone calls, letters, emails, and/or faxes
• Meet with tenants to sign Lease Agreement
• Provide State of California required forms and disclosures
• Collect all move-in monies including
• Security Deposit 
• Pet Deposit (when applicable) 
• First month rate or 30-day pro-rations (if applicable)

Property Management Administration

Attard Property Management believes that administering your property as though it were our own is one of the most important services we provide our clients. Rent collection, filling vacancies, communicating with tenants and following-up on delinquencies are just a few of the ways we assist owners.

Rent Collection – Attard Property Management not only enforces strict rental collection policies but makes timely deposits of rental income to your account. All rents are due on the 1st of each month and considered late if received after the 5th of the month.

Vacancies – Vacancies are expensive. At Attard Property Management we make every effort to keep your vacancies at a minimum so we advertise and show your vacant units. Attard Property Management provides the following services:
• Free on-line advertisements of vacant units
• Printed advertisements upon request (fee required)
• Open houses to show property when necessary
• Flexible office hours, 7-days per week, with evening appointments

Tenant Communication – at Attard Property Management we believe in maintaining an open line of communication with residents to ensure they are satisfied with their home, that they feel comfortable informing us of any issues, and to maximize the possibility of retaining a good tenant for the long-term. We promptly respond to all resident e-mails and phone calls and notify you if action is required.

Legal Actions – If it becomes necessary to initiate legal proceedings against a tenant for non-payment of rent, Attard Property Management is prepared to provide prompt service by:
•Issuing 3-Day Pay or Quit
•Issuing Thirty or Sixty Day Notice to Move Out
•Issuing Declaration of Service
•Initiate Unlawful Detainer Action (Note: an attorney must be contacted at this point) 

Repairs and Maintenance

Other than 911 emergencies, all requests for service are received by and responded to by our in office staff. Each situation is assessed to determine best course of action and is appropriately dispatched. Where and when necessary, we personally respond to obtain necessary level of detail.

Attard Property Management has assembled a team of quality contractors and individuals who respond on a case by case basis. Response is timely and respectful of tenants schedule and the reputation we maintain. Most of our contractor relationships are long term win win relationships. We appreciate quality, cost effective service for our owners and tenants; they appreciate our consideration and professional courtesy.

Appropriate, timely, cost effective response to unexpected circumstances is what distinguishes Attard Property Management. The owner certainly reserves the right to use contractors of their choice.

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